About Me

“It’s amazing the amount of news that happens in the world every day just exactly fits the newspaper” – Jerry Seinfeld


Writing About Life


I’m Kylie and it was because of my father that I fell in love with the news.

He would always have 2 papers, a coffee, and would sit at the kitchen table in the summer or the bitter cold of winter and read.  He always had time to answer me and never neglected me in any way.  Quite the opposite.  He would answer my  questions and inform me on World Events.  Well, that is if you want to count the comic page…

And so began my journey into the world of the unwritten.  I share my life with my two cats (that’s one short of crazy mind you).  I enjoy kayaking and running.  I try to stay up on current events as well as know my history.  I consider myself an well rounded person who tries to contribute positively to society.

This blog is me following in my fathers footsteps.  I hope to bring a little contribution to all the wonderful things happening on the planet each day.