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Confessions of a Secret Jogger

Kicking this off with my first post I’d like to jump right into it.  For some strange reason I always had a fear of running.  I don’t know why, because heaven knows if the boogeyman is chasing you, you better kick your feet or bad things will happen.  I actually got to the point where I participated in a 5K Fun Run.  These are my  thoughts on it.

Running Life

My First 5k Fun Run

A 5k fun run is an untimed running event organized for different causes. There is no competition involved. A runner can run at a pace suitable for his own. It is more like leisure (if you can call it that)  than an actual marathon.

It’s a real chilled out atmosphere where you can bring the whole family.Usually a 5k fun run is staged at a scenic landscape, even more enhancing the peaceful ambience of the whole experience. It’s a lot different doing a local than going global for your run.
Being a part of a 5k fun run is a very enjoyable and memorable part of someone’s life. Joining as a family provides an opportunity to get some quality time to bond during weekends, especially because these is when a 5k fun run is usually held.

Those Who Work and Play Together

This event also provides great opportunity for a group of friends or colleagues to develop camaraderie. Companies more often than not sponsor these events for their employees because of this. You just have to bring your running gear, water bottle, and favorite jogging shoes

The money gathered from registrations and sponsors pay for whatever interest the charity holds. Typical examples of these charitable causes are: help for the environment, orphan children, cancer victims, natural disaster victims and human rights concerns.

Running For a Cause is Good for the Soul

One can just imagine the great deal they are getting every time you participate in this event. You get to help a fun cause; you get to enjoy the smiles you will see from whomever you come across with, in the run; and your body gains a lot from it as well. Although there is not competition involve.

No one can change the fact that it is still a somewhat demanding activity. It is still an activity which will loosen up your joints, stretch out those muscles and get the blood flow going. Obvious physical boost payback cannot be overlooked here. A 5k fun run is about the same as 3 miles of jogging. If one has not engaged at this activity at all then there are still a few tips we have to keep in mind before we undergo this event.

What You Can Expect Out Of Your Run

Knowing the schedule of the fun run in advance is important. A couch potato cannot just stand up and decide to do a marathon without suffering a consequence at the end. The same can be said with people whose jobs doesn’t require them to do much, other than to sit and type away hours in front of a computer. A person of such needs to start at least light exercises. Do proper stretching about 4 weeks before the run happens.

Make sure jogging is done 3 times a week at your most convenient time to make sure adequate rest is taken too. Rest is the time when your body actually gains the results you’re looking for. It is when your body reacts to your actions, thus it adds more muscle for the added workload; better flexibility for your strides; more tolerance to the lactic acids that builds up inside all to better endure the training.

Now a day before the actual event, make sure to get enough sleep for about eight hours. Eat something two – three hours before the race; preferably it has lots of good carbohydrates. With these tips you will get the most fun out of a 5k fun run.

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